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Thanks for visiting the Underwater Hockey Tourist website. Did you know that this site has been up and running since '96? Founded by Lisa de Speville in South Africa, the site has been maintained since 2002 by the Houston Underwater Hockey Trust.

Contribute your knowledge

When you send information about underwater hockey being played somewhere in the world, please submit the following information -- especially the information with *** next to them!.

Get your update moving by sending all this information to Chris via email

How we do this

All the data is stored in an xml file. After making a change we run a script which generates the entire site from the xml file and a few clearsilver templates. It also outputs the Underwater Hockey Tourist in KML. All this depends on the heroic efforts of Tom Brown, who designed the scripts on which the site depends and has been extremely generous with his time supporting the Underwater Hockey Tourist in its new life as a map-enabled resource.

Known problems

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30 Sep 2006